Walleye caught on North Star Lake

Nice one Cole! He caught this 25 inch walleye on North Star Lake this week. The first week of the 2017 Minnesota main fishing season is now over. The weather leading up to “opener” was unusually warm and consistent. I loved the nice weather! I think the nice weather got more people out-and-about this year. […]

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The docks are in at Cedar Point Resort

Getting ready for summer…. Actually we first have to get ready for spring. The docks are in at Cedar Point Resort!! This is always the first step. The ice has been off North Star Lake for a few weeks. And, now, the docks are in too. It seems like an immediate transformation from the docks […]

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Think spring at a Minnesota Resort

Happy Spring! There is still ice on the lake. But, with the warm sunny days, it starts turning dark and will start pulling away from the shore. This time of year Tim and I get excited about some of our spring projects…… there, as usual, are many. I will get to that shortly.

But, first…. summer […]

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Eagle grabs and eats a red squirrel

For many seeing eagles is one of the favorite things to see when coming up north. We live up north and never get sick of seeing eagles. Even though as have lived here 15 years, when we see one we still get up to look at it. In the winter Tim strings bird feeders up high from […]

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Lifelong memories at a Minnesota Resort

Making Memories is Easy at Cedar Point Resort
There are many thoughts and memories that I would like to share. Tim and I have been fortunate to own and operate Cedar Point Resort for the past 15 years. We have so many memories here. Yes, it is a business. BUT, it is so much more. We […]

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New clothing items at Cedar Point Resort, we are getting ready for your vacation!


I would like to start by saying “February already!” or “Where did the winter go?” But I think that every year. So, I guess this February is like all the others. We are in the middle of the 15th winter at Cedar Point and the winter is going fast. One trigger that we have that […]

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Too cold for a Minnesota Family Vacation?

As we do every year, Cedar Point Resort is put away for the winter. Ice is covering the lake. With the extreme cold coming this week, I thought I would get out to take a couple photos! Cedar Point Resort is not open in the winter, but we certainly hope for good weather for our […]

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Satellite TV added to the cabins AND the bird feeders are back!

Winter was here and then it was not…… We had a “blizzard” in November. It looked like winter was here to stay. Thankfully I had much of the cabin work done before they became inaccessible because of the snow. Then came 3 days of rain. Yes, rain…. As you can see in the photo much of […]

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Cedar Point Resort has a YouTube channel

OK, after talking about it for a long time. I finally sat down to figure it out. It was during our first snow storm, which turned out to be a blizzard, when I decided that was the day to do it. Like many things, it really isn’t as hard as you might think. I had […]

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For that….. I am thankful

I give thanks for many things. Friends, family, guests..

When we first moved to Cedar Point Resort in 2002, our daughters, Holly and Courtney, were finishing up 2nd grade and kindergarten. They were so little. It was our goal to raise the girls at the resort for many reasons. One was so we could spend more […]

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