Where do we begin??? The resort was started in the late 30’s. It was originally an American Plan fishing resort. American Plan means that the meals are included with the cabin rental. All the food was made in the lodge. The whole lodge used to be just what we use as as the kitchen now. All the rest has been added-on since then. The front part of the lodge, where the gift shop area is now, used to be the front porch. There weren’t any kitchens in the cabins. Heck, there weren’t any bathrooms or running water either!

One of the first residents in the area was “Bill.” Bill came moved into the area when, quote “there weren’t any trees higher than my waist.” Bill built a cabin on “Bills Pond” and for many decades didn’t have electricity. He helped the Carl Bartick build the resort. One armed Bartick (he lost an arm when he was a child) was the first proprietor of Cedar Point Resort. I guess he could build better than most men with two arms. We have a picture of the first cabins. They were literally tar paper shacks.

Much of the building supplies came over the lake in the winter as the first roads into Cedar Point were really just trails (ruts). Alder Road was originally a logging trail that consisted of trees laid across as a path. A number of years ago when the frost was coming out of the ground in the spring, we saw where logs worked their way up and out. If you have never experienced “mud days” in the great northwoods roads, this may be difficult to understand. But as the frost works its way out of the ground, sometimes it pushes whatever is above it upward. In the case of Alder Road, that has, at times, been logs. In the case of Cedar Point Road, it is just mud! That lasts about a week, then it gets much better. Not every year has bad “mud days.”

Back to the story. Throughout the years more cabins were built mostly through the 40’s. As the time went by bathrooms, kitchens, and more bedrooms were added.

I am in the process of getting more details and will update this page as I go. I do have some more details, I just would like to make sure that it is easy to follow and ready. So, hang in there, I am working on it!


Lodge in 1930s