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Cedar Point Resort has a YouTube channel

OK, after talking about it for a long time. I finally sat down to figure it out. It was during our first snow storm, which turned out to be a blizzard, when I decided that was the day to do it. Like many things, it really isn’t as hard as you might think. I had […]

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For that….. I am thankful

I give thanks for many things. Friends, family, guests..

When we first moved to Cedar Point Resort in 2002, our daughters, Holly and Courtney, were finishing up 2nd grade and kindergarten. They were so little. It was our goal to raise the girls at the resort for many reasons. One was so we could spend more […]

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Winter weather has struck!

I guess winter had to arrive sometime The first snow of the season turned out to be the first blizzard too. Yikes. It started last night. By this morning there was some snow. But, then it started coming down the wind started up and it hasn’t stopped yet. It is now getting dark outside, although […]

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