Putting away a traditional seasonal Minnesota Resort is more work than most people think. This is a little of what it is like after the season is over. Every resort is different. But for those of us that close up in the fall the fall work begins once the last guest leaves.

For Tim and I at Cedar Point Resort, our classic traditional resort cabins aren’t winterized and usually close up around October 1st. The 2 adjacent lake homes remain open through mid-November.

In October the “post season” work begins. We start putting away the cabins for the winter. Our first couple of years I was tired in the fall so I didn’t do much to close up the cabins. I left a lot of it for spring. Well….. I got smarter as time goes on. Now, we do as much cleaning as we can in the fall.

Cabins: Fall work includes taking down the curtains and hanging up sheets to protect the cabin from winter sun; removing and washing the screens; washing all the blankets, mattress pad covers, pillow protectors, shower curtains and liner and rugs (usually over 100 loads!); cleaning all the decorations and storing them so they don’t get dusty and bagging all the dishes. This is to list just some of it. I also do inventory so if something is missing or needs replacing, I have all winter to do that.

Docks: All the docks are taken out of the lake. This is one thing that we have always hired out! It is a lot of work, we have about 650 feet of dock at the resort alone. That doesn’t include the 32 foot foll in dock at the Log Cabin and the 80 foot floating dock at Red Pine Lodge.

Beach: The raft and splash pad are out as are the stand up paddle boards, hydro-bikes, kayaks, canoes and fun bugs. The smaller things are tucked under Cedar cabin and the larger items are stored elsewhere. They will be ready to be used again next year.

Lodge: I spend so much of my time in the lodge during the spring, summer and fall. It is a little sad to put it away. The deck furniture is put inside, popcorn popper is cleaned, ice cream freezer is empty, inventory is done and all the extra stuff is put in tubs. I take one last look at all the guest photos we have up and know that we will see many of them next year.

Water: It takes some time, but Tim drains all the water from the cabins, blows the pipes clean and put antifreeze where it needs to go. This is usually a little dusty job for him because some of the drains are under the cabin. Through the years he has simplified the process and put most of the shut offs in easier to access locations, but not all. He drains the lines to the cabins, campground and fish cleaning house. He does use environmentally friendly RV Antifreeze.

Pool: Tim closes up the pool in September after Labor Day. He back-flushes the filters, drains the water, adds antifreeze where he need to, plugs drains and then partially fills it up with water for the winter. Later in September Tim put the deck furniture in the Game Room and closes that up.

This year the October weather has been awesome! It makes it much easier to close up. We will do much of the same things for the Log Cabin and Red Pine Lodge in November.

We may not be ready to think about summer. But, I know that are guests do. Our guests know so much about what we do in the summer we wanted to share a little of what we do to close up for the season.

We will be ready for you next year!

Karen Senger