What a beautiful day to go fishing. This past week has been awesome and we have had many guests enjoy the lake. The week before Memorial Day is usually not busy. But, then Memorial Day comes around and more people are able to come up north to a Minnesota Resort and enjoy themselves. For many, a big part of the fishing experience is simply enjoying the serenity of what is around you and spending time with friends and/or family.

Click here for the North Star Lake video!

This past week we had some of our guests take some photos and videos with their drone. The days were beautiful. Looking at them you will see how beautiful northern Minnesota can be. You will see that North Star Lake is a prime example. I only wish that I could say that I took these photos and videos, but no… One of our guests, Matt Thomasson from Refine Innovations (www.refine-innovations.com) was kind enough to share these with us.

North Star LakeAs you view this video pay attention to the fact that it feels like you are one with nature. You won’t see cabin after cabin on North Star Lake. I did include a video of Cedar Point Resort as well. That video turned out great too. Click here for the drone video of Cedar Point Resort.

Watch our Cedar Point website, Facebook or the Cedar Point Resort YouTube Channel for more videos.


On a much more important note: Today is Memorial Day and I think that we have lots to be thankful for. We have our freedom and are able to enjoy our lives because of those people that serve our nation. Thank you to all that our Vets, active/Retired Military and Military Families!