We are excited about this trail that is being built in Bigfork. They did start the construction this week. It is call the RiverWalk Trail! Itasca County staff and the contractor were onsite to begin work. Like many good things, it started with a great idea. This concept started back in 2010. After years of work by many people it was funded and approved. The paved trail will be 2.3 miles in Bigfork.  This ADA compliant trail will connect downtown Bigfork  to the Bigfork School, Edge Center for the Arts and Bigfork Valley medical complex!

We look forward to having this improvement just 11 miles north of Marcell. This trail will be for many things: walking trail, bike trail, skating trail, running trail, wheelchair trail. Anything really…..Keep an eye out for more details and photos as the project progresses.

There is a 1 mile paved trail in Marcell already. So, this will be a nice addition to it.

RiverWalk Trail

RiverWalk Trail has started in Bigfork

Bigfork RiverWalk trail map

Bigfork RiverWalk trail map