Vacation photos are important!

At Cedar Point Resort we like to take photos. Why? Because vacation photos are important! It has been a long tradition to take “big fish” photos. We have many photos of our guests back to 1984. Memories and experiences are important. The photos are just a little snapshot of those memories and experiences. Looking back […]

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You only have 18 years with your kids, make them count!

It’s not too late to start making memories with your kids. So many times when I think back to my childhood I think about family vacations that my parents took me on. With my own kids, I think of the vacations that we took with them. Of course, there is more to life than vacations. […]

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Warm Weather = Wonderful Minnesota Family Vacation

Mid-summer is a perfect time to vacation at Cedar Point Resort for many reasons.
1. Beautiful Warm North Star Lake
2. Flexible Family Vacations
3. Activities for the Whole Family if You Choose to Participate
4. Many Amenities at Cedar Point Resort
Beautiful Warm North Star Lake
There are many reasons to vacation in the summer. The warmer lake water is […]

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8 Things to do on a Rainy Day at a Northern Minnesota Cabin

We are often asked, “What is there to do if it rains?” There are always things that you can do off the resort (shopping, movies, attractions, restaurants etc.), but it also nice to know that there are things to do in your northwoods cabin at Cedar Point Resort. Certainly do not let a little weather […]

5 Reasons To Take A Family Vacation!

Lets look at 5 reasons to take a family vacation.

Vacations strengthen your relationship with your family.
Vacations make you a happier person.
Vacations are a stress reliever.
Vacations make you a better employee.
Vacations helps you stay healthy.

1. Vacations strengthen your relationship with your family.
Exercise gets easier with practice. So does communication with family. […]

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Rainbow on North Star Lake

North Star Lake has been just so beautiful this year. This photo was taken by one of our guests. The rainbow both starts and ends on North Star Lake in such a way that it framed our beach area. Opportunities for photos like these are a truly unique experience that only Mother Nature can provide. […]

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It’s a beautiful day to go fishing on a Minnesota lake

What a beautiful day to go fishing. This past week has been awesome and we have had many guests enjoy the lake. The week before Memorial Day is usually not busy. But, then Memorial Day comes around and more people are able to come up north to a Minnesota Resort and enjoy themselves. For many, […]

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Think spring at a Minnesota Resort

Happy Spring! There is still ice on the lake. But, with the warm sunny days, it starts turning dark and will start pulling away from the shore. This time of year Tim and I get excited about some of our spring projects…… there, as usual, are many. I will get to that shortly.

But, first…. summer […]

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Satellite TV added to the cabins AND the bird feeders are back!

Winter was here and then it was not…… We had a “blizzard” in November. It looked like winter was here to stay. Thankfully I had much of the cabin work done before they became inaccessible because of the snow. Then came 3 days of rain. Yes, rain…. As you can see in the photo much of […]

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For that….. I am thankful

I give thanks for many things. Friends, family, guests..

When we first moved to Cedar Point Resort in 2002, our daughters, Holly and Courtney, were finishing up 2nd grade and kindergarten. They were so little. It was our goal to raise the girls at the resort for many reasons. One was so we could spend more […]

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