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Beautiful Northern Minnesota Lake – North Star Lake

We are famous!! One of our guests, Paige Anne Larson, took this wonderful photo from Cedar Point Resort of North Star Lake. We have always known that North Star Lake is one of the most beautiful Northern Minnesota Lakes. There are MANY photos to prove that. But this photo is particularly wonderful. It caught the […]

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2018 Minnesota DNR New Northern Regulation

What are the new northern pike regulations from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for the 2018-2019 Fishing Season? We have the information straight from the new MN DNR Regulations book.

Here is a recap:

“The statewide possession and size limit for northern pike on inland waters has been replaced. The state is now divided into three […]

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8 Things to do on a Rainy Day at a Northern Minnesota Cabin

We are often asked, “What is there to do if it rains?” There are always things that you can do off the resort (shopping, movies, attractions, restaurants etc.), but it also nice to know that there are things to do in your northwoods cabin at Cedar Point Resort. Certainly do not let a little weather […]

Muskie fishing on North Star Lake

Some of our guests at Cedar Point Resort have had some luck muskie fishing. No, not all of our guests are “muskie hunters.” And not all of our guests go out fishing at all. This time of year is an awesome time to come up and look at the colors.

So, it has been a while […]

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It’s a beautiful day to go fishing on a Minnesota lake

What a beautiful day to go fishing. This past week has been awesome and we have had many guests enjoy the lake. The week before Memorial Day is usually not busy. But, then Memorial Day comes around and more people are able to come up north to a Minnesota Resort and enjoy themselves. For many, […]

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Walleye caught on North Star Lake

Nice one Cole! He caught this 25 inch walleye on North Star Lake this week. The first week of the 2017 Minnesota main fishing season is now over. The weather leading up to “opener” was unusually warm and consistent. I loved the nice weather! I think the nice weather got more people out-and-about this year. […]

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Fall: Perfect time to fish and enjoy North Star Lake

Some people say that fall fishing is the best on North Star Lake. Then I wonder why more people don’t do it. Life gets so busy. Cedar Point Resort is so busy until Labor Day. Families are busy. People are getting one last vacation in before the school year starts. Then the day after Labor Day […]

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Nice muskie Wes! He caught and released this huge muskie on North Star Lake.

Wes caught and released this muskie on July 19th. It was a beautiful day for fishing. Wes took this photo on the his boat because he immediately released it. He didn’t even measure it. But, it was a nice one. There are many people that go muskie fishing. We hear stories of what they have […]

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Walleye fishing on North Star Lake

By the looks of it, people are having some luck walleye fishing! Chris caught and released this nice walleye a couple days ago. Their group had some luck as well. They caught a 22 inch walleye, 24 inch walleye, 17 in walleye and a couple others as well. We have had a couple rainy days this […]

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