OK, after talking about it for a long time. I finally sat down to figure it out. It was during our first snow storm, which turned out to be a blizzard, when I decided that was the day to do it. Like many things, it really isn’t as hard as you might think. I had some awesome videos that I wanted to put on the website and I knew that they were too large to store on the website. So, I had to figure out the YouTube channel option.

The first couple videos that I posted were ones taken this fall with a drone. Casey Jones (lives in the area) came YouTube channel Cedar Point Resortone day with his drone. It was actually quite interesting. He took some still shots and some videos. You will see a couple of the videos on YouTube as well as some imbedded in the Cedar Point website. Click to check out the video of North Star Lake or the one of Cedar Point Resort.

Now that I know how to load videos and link them to both our website and the Cedar Point Resort YouTube channel, I want to do more. I wish that I had made videos of each of the cabins. Now I can’t do it until spring. The cabins are “put away for the winter.” There are sheets covering the windows, every things is bagged up and most of the outside furniture is inside the cabin. That will be something that I do next spring.

In addition to the videos taken from the drone, I have some other videos out there too. Go ahead check out the Cedar Point Resort YouTube channel or subscribe to the Cedar Point Resort YouTube channel so you get notifications of when additional videos are posted.