As we do every year, Cedar Point Resort is put away for the winter. Ice is covering the lake. With the extreme cold coming this week, I thought I would get out to take a couple photos! Cedar Point Resort is not open in the winter, but we certainly hope for good weather for our other resorter friends that are open in the winter. It may be too cold for a Cedar Point Resort vacation in the winter. But, it certainly isn’t too cold it he spring, summer and fall!

On a personal note, Tim and I really hope for good snow because we like to take our snowmobiles out. We are quite flexible with our time and can go out during the week when the trails are not busy. Our goal is to get out ice fishing a little more this winter.

Whether you are outside in the winter or enjoying the lake in the summer. Our area is beautiful. Most of you do not know what the resort looks like in the winter and some of our guests would like to see what Cedar Point Resort looks like in the winter. I included a couple photos to show you a little of it. I also took a video. Click this link to see it on the Cedar Point Resort YouTube Channel!

By the looks of it, no one will be going in the Rec Room any time soon. Although we Winter in Minnesotaare a resort with a pool, I certainly don’t want to jump in now. It has been winterized since September. The playground which is usually shaded is wide open and no one will be playing on the pirate ship until spring.Resort with pool


We wish you a very happy 2017! Enjoy your winter.

Karen and Tim

family friendly resort with playground