For many seeing eagles is one of the favorite things to see when coming up north. We live up north and never get sick of seeing eagles. Even though as have lived here 15 years, when we see one we still get up to look at it. In the winter Tim strings bird feeders up high from our house to the lodge so we can watch the birds at eye level in our living room.

Today we saw an eagle land on the snow under our bird feeders. Tim and I quickly got up to look at it. I happened to get a very short (but perfectly timed) video of it flying to snatch up a red

The eagle flew to tree by our dog kennel. See it on the upper right?

The eagle flew to tree by our dog kennel. See it on the upper right?


squirrel and then fly away to eat it. As it was flying away we tracked it to a tall tree on the back side of the house by our dog kennel. You will see it up on the top right of that photo. We have heard many stories from our guests where they saw an eagle swoop down and get a fish from the water. We have seen that as well, but from shore and not in a boat. I would love be fortunate enough to see that while I am in a boat.

Especially in the winter, we see eagle’s along the side of the road. They are typically eating road kill. If we see crows we always look for eagle’s too. Once when driving on the Mac Road (gravel road by us) an eagle flew up from the side of the road. We had to break otherwise we would have hit it. I know that its wings touched the glass on my side of the truck. It was fine because we didn’t hit it, but it was close!


On another note: For years the “Eagle’s Nest” was a destination when going for a boat ride on North Star Lake. We called it “Opa’s Tree,” for many reason. The main one is because my dad (Opa) always pointed out the tree to guests coming up to Cedar Point Resort. The spring of 2012 we had a heavy snow and discovered that the extra weight took down the tree and the nest. We were sad to see it go. We have many nesting pair of eagle’s on the lake, but this was our favorite nest. They have since rebuilt, it is close but not right along the lake shore. They are still always seen though. It is still the “eagle nest bay” to us.