Enjoy North Star Lake from the water

Many of our guests enjoy watching North Star Lake. An ideal way to enjoy this northern Minnesota lake is from the water. Check out North Star Lake from the water. We’ll point out a few things to keep an eye out for. As you make your way around the lake, you won’t see cabin after cabin along the lake shore. A large section is Chippewa National Forest and some of that will never be developed. Other areas have cabins, but are set back a ways. Some cabins are right along the lake shore. We love how close to the water our cabins are!

Anyway, keep an eye out as you are on the water. Actually… Look down… Look along the lake shore… Look up… Look around… There is a lot to see.

Look down… You will see fish swimming. Especially when you go through the channels, look down… You may “push” a muskie or large northern pike through the channel. That’s cool! If you are in a smaller boat, kayak or canoe and can get closer to shore look down… Look for fish warming themselves in the shallower water. Continue looking down… You will find painted turtles sunning themselves on fallen logs or rocks in the water.

Look along the lake shore… In the spring and early summer you may see loons on their nest. It is an interesting thing to experience. We never get sick of listening to the call of the loon. In our case it is the call of the LOONS… We have MANY nesting pair of loons on North Star Lake.  If you do see loons either on their nest or swimming on the lake, make sure to steer clear of them. We don’t want to stress them out. It is actually the law! Continue looking… You may also see deer taking a drink along the lake shore. North Star Lake is has lots to offer Look here

Continue looking along the lake shore… You may see muskrats. I know… “rats” yuck. Maybe we can call them their technical term: Ondatra Ziebethicus. No, we will stick with muskrat. We just recently scared one and it went from swimming on top of the water to swimming under the water. It must have gone a couple hundred feet underwater. Who knew they could hold their breath that long!

Look up… Keep an eye out for eagle’s and other birds. There are a number of eagles nesting in the area. And, there is one nesting close to Cedar Point Resort. When you head out on North Star Lake going right from Cedar Point, go through the first channel. Once you are through the channel look right, there are tall pine trees (we know there are LOTS of tall pine trees) along the lake shore. The nest is in one of them. Or, come to the lodge and we will point it out on the lake map.

Look around…. On North Star Lake, where Scenic Highway 38 runs beside the lake, look around in that first bay. You will see a beaver lodge. There are many beaver that call North Star Lake their home. By the way, this is a great place to fish as well. In this area you may also see lake otter. Notice a couple trees growing along the shore between Highway 38 and North Star Lake in this bay. Under those trees are some springs that keep the water from freezing in the winter. So even in the winter, there is always open water for the lake otters to go in and out of the lake. Oh, and, since there are springs there, the water is cooler in the summer and some fish like to “hang out” there. So, throw in a line, see what you can catch Fishing & Guest photo gallery

We invite you to enjoy North Star Lake from the water. Bring a boat, rent a boat, rent a pontoon Link to equipment rental page here, take out a kayak or canoe. Activities Whatever you choose, enjoy the lake.

We also invite you to make your northern Minnesota lake vacation with us, Cedar Point Resort Cabins