We love fall. It really is such a beautiful time of year. We had some resort photos taken with a drone. The day was beautiful. I will be adding lots of the photos to the website. But, here are just a couple of them. The resort is officially closed for the season. We still have the 2 adjacent lake homes open until the beginning of November. The fall colors are at the peak.

Driving Scenic Hwy 38 is awesome. But, looking at some of these photos that were taken with the drone is stunning. Some of the trees have lost their leaves already. But many are either just

North Star Lake from the air

North Star Lake from the air!

turning or are at full color. Our docks are still in. So, to me, it doesn’t seem like we are closed. If only we could hang onto this for 2 full months.

We still see some people out in their boats on the lake. I hope they are catching something!