I give thanks for many things. Friends, family, guests..

When we first moved to Cedar Point Resort in 2002, our daughters, Holly and Courtney, were finishing up 2nd grade and kindergarten. They were so little. It was our goal to raise the girls at the resort for many reasons. One was so we could spend more time with them and we did. For that…. I am thankful.

They are now 22 and 21 years old and on their own. I think the resort life was very good for them. For that…. I am thankful.

Tim and I moved here 15 years ago from Burnsville (southern suburb of Minneapolis). We both had full time jobs/careers outside the home. We were sooooo looking forward to moving to the resort. But, quite honestly. It was a little scary too. It is such a different lifestyle. We would be together 24/7. Yes…. all day….. every day. We didn’t know how smoothly that would be. It turned out to be a very good thing. For that…. I am thankful.

We purchased the resort from my parents who owned it for 19 years. I lived at the resort for 3 or 4 summers back in the 80s when they first purchased it. But, never in the winter. I wasn’t sure how I would like the winters once we moved up here in 2002. Would I do all winter? Would I like it? Well…. we were able to fill our time with some worthwhile things (as well as some lazy things). For that…. I am thankful.

We were able to spend more time with my parents, who moved just 14 miles away on Bowstring Lake. My mother is still there and we still are able to spend time with her. For that…. I am thankful.

My father passed away in 2005, not too long after we purchased the resort. I wish it could have been longer, but thankfully we were able to get some additional time with them since we were so close. He was able to see some of the improvements we made to the resort. There were so many improvements we made after his passing that I know he would have loved to see. I think he would have been proud. For that…. I am thankful.

My sisters and their families are still able to come up to Cedar Point Resort. My nieces and nephews really only know the resort as Tim’s and mine. They were too little when “Oma and Opa” owned it. It is such a significant part of all of our lives. We all feel some ownership. For that…. I am thankful.

Some of Tim’s family have also been able to spend time at the resort with us. Cedar Point was new to them as of 2002 (when we purchased it). I enjoy when friends and family come up to enjoy the resort. For that…. I am thankful.

Our guests….. This is special…. We have met so many wonderful people that we would not have otherwise met had we not purchased Cedar Point Resort. What an honor to be able to host so many guests. Some, I hope, feel like we are family. Others, I hope, find their important vacation time is time well spent at Cedar Point Resort. We hope our guests look back at their time at Cedar Point fondly. I know that we have soooo any happy memories with our guests. For that…. I am thankful.

Happy Thanks-Giving