Making Memories is Easy at Cedar Point Resort

There are many thoughts and memories that I would like to share. Tim and I have been fortunate to own and operate Cedar Point Resort for the past 15 years. We have so many memories here. Yes, it is a business. BUT, it is so much more. We have to deal with all the normal business issues that many small businesses have to deal with: staffing, taxes, advertising, bookkeeping, cleaning, maintenance, building, equipment purchasing, marketing….. the list goes on. Actually these things are not all bad. But, what I would like to focus on are all the other personal things that go along with owning and running a resort….. the relationships and lifelong memories.

Making memories at Cedar Point ResortCertainly not everyone that comes to a family run Minnesota Resort is looking to have a personal relationship with the owners. But, some seek it out and others are very accepting (and sometimes a little surprised) of the personal touches. We enjoy getting to know our guests. Some people enjoy their time by keeping to themselves some or most of the time. That is great and we certainly understand and respect that. But, some are looking to interact with other guests and us. That is great as well.

I focus on relationships because yesterday Tim and I went to a memorial service for Dave Hoveland who passed away on February 2nd. Dave and Diane and their son, Cory, have been seasonal campers at Cedar Point Resort for about 30 years. Yes, Dave and Diane have spent as much time as they could May through September at Cedar Point Resort. They have been a staple and an anchor in the campground. Dave will certainly be missed by many. At the memorial service most of our current seasonal campers as well as 3 previous seasonal campers were able to attend. There are so many memories that we all share because of Cedar Point Resort. Cedar Point has been such a wonderful blessing for Tim and I and it has been a blessing for so many others as well… because of relationships.

Making memories, cedar point resort seasonal camping, seasonal campgroundAs we looked around at the people at the memorial service for Dave, I felt sadness for Dave’s family, and for his resort family at Cedar Point Resort. But, then I also think how fortunate to have so many memories.

We thank our guests for sharing their lives and vacations with us. How wonderful it is to be part of so many people’s vacation memories. We truly hope yours are wonderful and memorable.