Wes caught and released this muskie on July 19th. It was a beautiful day for fishing. Wes took this photo on the his boat because he immediately released it. He didn’t even measure it. But, it was a nice one. There are many people that go muskie fishing. We hear stories of what they have brought in as well as the stories of the ones that got away.

One of the most fun stories are of the ones that were almost caught….. when they were fishing for something else. We had a guest talk about the sunny fishing they were doing and while bringing in the sunny a “huge fish” went after it. Most of them are not expecting it and aren’t quite sure what to do. It isn’t unusual for us to hear that at the time thye were hoping that they wouldn’t get it in the boat. We have had people who actually caught the muskie and got it in the boat. But, many times the story ends with “and it just let of the sunny and swam away” or “it got close to the boat and then the line broke.”

Fishermans ruler


We do enjoy the fishing stories of the ones that are brought in as well as the ones that got away. It is their fishing story! Perhaps this is a ruler that some people use. But, we are OK with that too.

More and more we are hear that people are going fishing and releasing everything. That is just fine. It is nice to have a fish meal every once in a while though. Our guests enjoy the lake for many reason…. enjoy the view, fishing and eating their catch, fishing and releasing, canoeing…… it’s your vacation, do with it what makes you happy!