Some of our guests at Cedar Point Resort have had some luck muskie fishing. No, not all of our guests are “muskie hunters.” And not all of our guests go out fishing at all. This time of year is an awesome time to come up and look at the colors.

So, it has been a while since I have Blogged. But, that doesn’t mean that things are happening in northern Minnesota. Since it is after Labor Day, most of the Minnesota kids are back to school and most resorts are quiet. They are quiet whether all the cabins are full or just some of them. Many people come up north because of that.

We have had a number of people in for muskie fishing. Some have had some luck (or shall I say, skill?)! I am writing this today because THIS MORNING Ryan Cooper caught and released 2 muskies as well as a 30 inch northern. The muskies were 42 inches and 47 inches. I also posted a photo a photo of the 42 inch muskie that Jason Toso caught and released last week.

So, if you are a muskie fisherman or want to try, perhaps now is the time to try it. 

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