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We wear Cedar Point clothing too.

I would like to start by saying “February already!” or “Where did the winter go?” But I think that every year. So, I guess this February is like all the others. We are in the middle of the 15th winter at Cedar Point and the winter is going fast. One trigger that we have that tells us spring is coming is the task of picking out and purchasing the items for the lodge gift shop. Last week we met with our vendor to pick out our new clothing items. And, once again, if I say so myself, I think we did a great job!


Guests wearing Cedar Point Resort clothing!

Guests wearing Cedar Point Resort clothing!

Looking at and picking out our new clothes for the summer is actually a fun process. Our vendor comes to us and we sit with him for usually at least 4 hours and go over all the choices. Tim comes in to pick out the hats and then I do the rest. Last year my daughter Holly was with to decide with me and the year before my daughter Courtney was. This year Courtney was in Duluth going to college and Holly was in Montana going to college. I did get them somewhat involved. I took photos of some of the options and gave them a vote. I’m glad I did because there were some things that neither liked that I thought were great. I do miss those girls. I included some photos of some of the things that we ordered. Obviously, they don’t have Cedar Point information on them yet. But it is a taste of what we will be getting.

New clothing items at Cedar Point Resort Crew necks New Cedar Point hats - new clothing at the resort

I think the next thing will be the stuffed animals. That is fun too! I usually only pick out north woods animals and fish. Sometimes the more unusual animals are the best: skunk, chipmunk, raccoon, walleye, bass, mosquitoes, bear, otter, bumble bee.Cedar Point women's clothing…… OK, I have ordered hedgehogs too but only because I think hedgehogs are cute.

Anyway, this time of year is a planning time for us to make sure you have a great north woods lake vCedar Point clothingacation. As in the past, we ordered some new mattresses, purchased a couple new sets of pots and pans, 2 new 15HP 4-stroke motors, some new decorations for the cabins and lots more…….

I can’t wait for the clothing to arrive, which usually around mid-March!

Enjoy the winter and hopefully we will see you this summer.