We kept many of the old windows from our cabins when we remodeled them. We have used many of them as decoration in the cabins. Guests that have been coming for years really like to see the old windows from the cabins in the “new and improved” cabins. Our new guests just love the look.

We now have another use for them. We are using them as mirrors. I went through the stack and found some where all the panes of glass were intact. I cleaned them up nicely and then used a spray paint called Mirror Effects. Wow. They turned out great!

I painted 3 windows today to test it out. They are now dry and ready for a cabin. I think I am going to put one in a bedroom is White Pine. Since Tim is in there doing a little project, I may as well go in there too! The other two I think will go into the bedrooms in Moose Lodge. No worries, I will dig out some more windows and make more.

We are in our 15th year at Cedar Point Resort and I am so glad that we still like what we do and want to keep making changes!! There is always something new at Cedar Point Resort.