Yes, that is correct. Pirates appear at Cedar Point Resort. We finished the new addition to the playground! The pirate ship has been a hit with everyone! Tim did a great job building it. He started with the base and built up! He did look at one that was completed and made a couple alterations. It is quite larPlayground start of pirate shipge. People LOVE IT.

There is an awesome slide and a climbing wall. The ramp makes it easy to get into. The Poop Deck sign on the upper level is just a sign!!! The Jolly Roger Pirate flag came in the mail and we immediately put it up. The anchor is a cute addition as is the other pirate sign. Playground new pirate shipKids can play inside it or on it. There are even two levels. When Tim starts a project, he usually completes it quickly. I know that we will find more things to add to the pirate ship. This ship is very sturdy. It isn’t going to be sailing away any time soon.


This spring we also gave the other playground equipment a coat of paint. It is amazing what a coat of paint will do. The merry-go-round, see-saws and sand box looks great with a little color. Keeping the kids happy on vacation is important. We do what we can!!

Happy kids make for happy parents.Playground pirate ship slide and climbing wall