North Star Lake has been just so beautiful this year. This photo was taken by one of our guests. The rainbow both starts and ends on North Star Lake in such a way that it framed our beach area. Opportunities for photos like these are a truly unique experience that only Mother Nature can provide. We rely on our guests for these types of photos since our guests are out enjoying the lake “on the lake” more then we do, although we certainly enjoy it from shore.

Tim and I take the time to get out on the lake a little more in the fall where we hear a great number of fishing stories from our Cedar Point Resort guests. I believe that many of them are true, but I suspect that perhaps some of them may be “fish stories!” Of course who are we to judge?

We did have one of our guests out fishing and caught a small sunny. As they were reeling it in a muskie grabbed it in its mouth. It wouldn’t let go and they did have to fight it for a while. I don’t know if they really wanted to get it in the net, but when they finally got it to the boat to try to net it (or just bring it in, I’m not sure) the muskie took one look at them, spit out the small sunny and swam off. We may be in our 16th year, but honestly I do really enjoy hear these stories because of the excitement in our guests’ voices….. young and old. It would have been nice to have a photo of that.

Fish photos, people photos, rainbow photos, nature photos, beach photos, pool photos….. they are all interesting and many of them bring back fond memories for both us and our guests.

Enjoy your rainbow photo on North Star Lake.

Karen Senger