Winter was here and then it was not…… We had a “blizzard” in November. It looked like winter was here to stay. Thankfully I had much of the cabin work done before they became inaccessible because of the snow. Then came 3 days of rain. Yes, rain…. As you can see in the photo much of the snow is gone again. The rain took care of that. But, the North Star Lake is still beautiful.

In the summer I have an awesome view from my “desk”. When the resort is open my “view from my desk” is actually the view from the lodge since that is where I spend much of my time. I do spend time at my actual desk in the winter. The cabins may be “put away,” but the work isn’t done.  The lake view is quite wonderful from both and I do appreciate that.

Above is my view from my winter desk. Tim puts up a stringer of bird feeders. He puts them on a feeding the birds at the resortrope with pulley so it is at eye level from our living room and office. We never get sick of watching the birds in the winter. The bird types we typically see are nuthatch, chickadee, finch, blue jay, wren and grosbeak. There will be an occasional woodpecker at the suet feeders. The eagles aren’t at the feeders but we do see them flying around. It’s easy to see them because all the leaves are off the trees. As the winter goes on, the feeders are visited more and more. Being up high the squirrels cannot reach the feeders. But they sure do get lots of what falls to the ground.

You can see that we lost most of our snow. You can also see the Dish Network dish. That is an additional amenity that we put into the cabins for 2017. Guests were asking for satellite TV. If for no other reason, to watch the news and weather. We hired a company to install the dishes and run the lines. But, Tim had to bury the lines. Thankfully Tim got that done before the snow came. I must say that I was quite happy that I didn’t have to dig in the lines. Thanks Tim!

Blue Jay birds at the feederYou can see in the photo the docks that are on the Satellite TV in lake front cabins, cabins with satelite TVshore by the Aspen cabin. They are stacked up along the lake shore because we cannot keep them in the water because the ice would demolish them. It is quite a chore, but is done every fall. We usually have ice on the lake by now and people will start ice fishing soon. But the ice hasn’t developed yet and I actually saw someone fishing from their boat yesterday. That is unusual.

Happy fall and happy bird watching!

Karen (and Tim!)