EvenComfortable cabin furniture though it may not feel like spring today, we have started our spring work. We started placing the new furniture around. The Log Cabin received some new porch furniture. I think the new furniture will be very well received.

Also, the deck off the master bedroom in Red Pine Lodge got a couple new chairs and a table. So, you can just sit and relax more comfortably in the morning.Cabin deck you will also see the new, larger furniture on the 3 season porch in Red Pine Lodge. We sat on it and it was super comfortable. Since that lake home can sleep up to 18 guests, we thought we better put more furniture in there.

We have lots more changes coming. A new couch will be put into Timber Wolf and a Log Futon to White Pine. 4 new recliners have already been placed. We have 10 twin mattresses and one double mattress being delivered in 2 weeks.

We do try to keep thing fresh and new. Just because we are in our 15th season, we don’t want to slack!!! I was excited to shop for 10 new comforters, some new dishes and silverware and lots of other things in some of the cabins. You saw some of the new windows that I turned into mirrors in my last blog. I do love this time of year. We get to implement some of the changes that we have been working on and thinking about all winter. We think that those of you that vacation with us this summer will love the changes. It will be a true north woods Minnesota family vacation!!


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