Getting ready for summer…. Actually we first have to get ready for spring. The docks are in at Cedar Point Resort!! This is always the first step. The ice has been cedar point resort docks are in off North Star Lake for a few weeks. And, now, the docks are in too. It seems like an immediate transformation from the docks sitting on shore to them being in the water. The bumpers still need to be put on the docks, but it looks like a resort again. Making a Minnesota family resort ready for guests isn’t an easy task.

We have been working on getting Cedar Point Resort ready for a while and have been focusing on the inside. Now we can work more on the outside too. But, when the sun is out and the snow is gone, it is much easier. No, the playground hasn’t been cleaned up yet. The new pirate ship still has its wheel covered with plastic. But, it won’t be long.

Courtney was home this weekend, put the waders on and picked up any garbage she could find along the lake shore. She did that right before the docks went in. It sometimes does happen that things blow off boats or shore and it is much easier to clean it up in the spring before the docks are in. A big thank you to Courtney for going into the water…… because then Tim and I didn’t have to.

The water is turned on to Eagle’s Nest, The Log Cabin and Red Pine Lodge. So they are cleaned and ready to go. The water hasn’t been turned on to the resort cabins so some of the spring cleaning cannot be started until later this week when they have water too.

The Lodge is ready! This spring we replaced the old windows with new ones. We used the same style of window and also re-Lodge at Cedar Point Resortused the old hinges and window closures. They look awesome. We do enjoy working on the buildings and grounds at Cedar Point Resort. I spend LOTS of time in the lodge and really like the look. So, I get to look at them all summer. If you are here this summer, feel free to comment how awesome they look! The outside has 2 coats of green paint and the inside has a stain/poly…. And there were 25 6-pane windows! I am not necessarily that careful when painting/staining. So, lots of scraping was necessary. I would rather have to do scraping then to tape the windows and be so careful when painting/staining. Perhaps those that are professional painters wouldn’t agree?

All of the new Cedar Point clothing came in and are in the lodgeGift Shop at cedar point resort. When we are looking at what to purchase, it is always hard to narrow our selection. There are so many things to choose from. But, I think we did a good job this year.

We are close to being ready to start the summer. If you haven’t already made your summer vacation plans, think about coming to Cedar Point Resort! We will be ready for you.