It happened. The ice went out on North Star Lake during the night last night. When we woke up, the ice was off! Once it started breaking up, it sure didn’t take long. Yesterday we drove up Hwy 38 (National Scenic Byway) and the ice on the smaller parts of North Star Lake was off. But, as what usually happened, the ice was still on the large part of the lake.

Three days ago the ice was dark, but it didn’t even start breaking up on the edges. With 70 degree weather, it didn’t seem to take long. That and the addition to a little breeze and the fact that it stays light out so long now. It has been beautiful lately. But, I still didn’t think that the ice would go off that fast.

Yesterday in the morning the ice was very dark, but solid. Then early evening it was receding from the shore and there the ice started breaking up. There was a break in the ice probably a couple hundred feet wide. By morning the ice was gone. It really started looking like spring. I know summer is on its way.

Tim and I were taking a break on the deck of White Pine (we were working on that cabin today). As we were drinking our lemonade we couldn’t help but pay attention to the frogs, loons and ducks. I can tell spring is in the air. I haven’t seen a loon on the lake yet. But we sure can hear them. So, perhaps tomorrow……..

The great north woods is wonderful no matter the season. I love the spring time.