The Loon’s are back! Tim and I were taking a break and having lunch on the deck of the lodge today. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was almost too warm. OK, maybe not TOO warm. But, it was awesome. The loons started calling and there was one right in front of the cabin. The docks are not out yet (that will be in another week), but the loons are back. I don’t think that I will ever get sick of hearing the loons. They have been quite active. The call of the loon is something that many of our guests come “up north” to hear.

We are fortunate enough to have many nesting pair on North Star Lake. May times there is a nest at the point of Cedar Point Resort. It is hidden quite well and people don’t bother them. Since Cedar Point is also on Bill’s Lake we have the benefit of hearing the loons that are nesting on that lake too. We hear them calling all around us. Awesome. We must have a very healthy lake because naturalists say that loons are quite picky and really prefer healthy lakes without too much boat traffic and disturbances. No complaints here!

So…… welcome loons!