Swim padHappy Spring! There is still ice on the lake. But, with the warm sunny days, it starts turning dark and will start pulling away from the shore. This time of year Tim and I get excited about some of our spring projects…… there, as usual, are many. I will get to that shortly.

But, first…. summer resort amenities. We have a new one. The Big Joe Water Pad. It is a 15 foot by 6 foot floating mat that we will have in our swim beach area. We have heard from others that guests love them. As a family (and fishing) Minnesota resort every year we add to our offerings. Since this is our 16 season, that means that we have already added a lot. But, there is always room for more!!

Since most of the snow is gone, Tim will be able to get into the cabins and start installing the satellite TVs. They have been stacked in the Lodge waiting for spring….. and spring is here… so add that to the project list.

New windows for the Lodge. We purchased them last year and now this spring I will have the time and opportunity to paint and stain them. They will look like Northwoods cabinthe old ones, 6-pane windows. But, will be new! I am going to take some of the old 6-pane windows and put some mirror paint on them to put in the cabins. I did some last year and loved them. So, on a warm sunny day, I will be spray paint the mirror paint on them. These are some of the ones that I did last year.

All our new clothing item that I purchased for this year is in. I will start taking them out of boxes soon and putting them away. Love it! I think you will too. I will post a photo of the lodge when it get closer to being completed. As of now it is still the “winter lodge” meaning that it is used for storage of outside furniture etc. I know that it is only March, but summer will be here in no time and we want to get a jump on the spring work projects.

Oh, if you haven’t made your spring, summer or fall vacation plans, think about it now!!