At Cedar Point Resort we like to take photos. Why? Because vacation photos are important! It has been a long tradition to take “big fish” photos. We have many photos of our guests back to 1984. Memories and experiences are important. The photos are just a little snapshot of those memories and experiences. Looking back at the family vacation memories that we captured in the photo albums from 1984 and 2018, some things have changed but many things have stayed the same.

Family and friends are important. The photos capture that. So…. Vacation photos are important!

Back in 1984…. the fish photos are made with a instant Polaroid camera. As I go through the old photo albums I noticed that almost all the instant photos were of people with big fish.The Polaroid photos cost about $1 per photo (yes, even back then!). So, they weren’t made just willy-nilly. They usually had to be something considered special… like a big fish.

There are other photos that were “developed” and put in the albums. There were nature photos, kid photos, family photos. Obviously  back when they had to be developed, you didn’t know what you got until you picked them up at the store. Then, even if the photos were somewhat blurry, the photos made it into the album.


No matter what type of photo or what year, the vacation photos are important.

For a number of years now we have been taking digital photos. We think that getting photos of the whole group or family is important. As I look through the more current albums I see family and fish photos. We take the photos and then print them. One copy we put on the lodge wall (it stays up for that year and the following and then they get retired to the albums on the shelf) and the other print we adhere to cardstock paper (pre-printed with Cedar Point and the year), but a magnet on the back and  give it to our guest. Many, many times a year we have guests that arrive and say that their refrigerator is full of “Cedar Point” photos that we give them every year. I think that is awesome. Why? Because vacation photos are important! You can see the most current photos under our Recent Guests and Photos page.

Take photos during your vacations! Why? Because vacation photos are important.