Nice one Cole! He caught this 25 inch walleye on North Star Lake this week. The first week of the 2017 Minnesota main fishing season is now over. The weather leading up to “opener” was unusually warm and consistent. I loved the nice weather! I think the nice weather got more people out-and-about this year. The weather certainly turned for this past weekend with wind, rain and cooler weather. It was definitely not flip-flop weather even though the week before was certainly flip-flop weather.

We had a number of people up this past week. Some were here to fish, some were here to just rest their weary bones and some were here to get the kids out of the house and up north. Whatever the reason, taking some time away is usually never regretted.

For the people that fished, we didn’t have any complaints. I think the unusual weather did impact the quantity of fish, but not the fun of getting out there and enjoying North Star Lake. 2017 Leif and ColeCole and Leif were up this past week and had some friends come and go. They were a real treat to have around. They have such a sense of humor. It is great to run into people like that. Nothing gets them down. Cole did get that great walleye! Nothing to sneeze at. Click here to see more guest photos.

We heard from some of our Cedar Point guests about the “one that got away!” Some had muskie or large northerns hit on their little crappie hook. One said that it didn’t break the line, but it did bend the hook straight and the fish got away. We heard about one fish that hit the hook and took it under the boat, jumped out of the water on the other side of the boat…… and then snapped the line and got away. I do enjoy hearing these stories. For some people it may be the first time they ever saw or “almost” caught the big one! That is how memories are made.

Make your memories at Cedar Point Resort! We do still have prime summer openings. If you cannot come for a full week, we do have short stays available. Call us at 218-832-3808!

Enjoy the beginning of the summer!
Karen Senger