By the looks of it, people are having some luck walleye fishing! Chris caught and released this nice walleye a couple days ago. Their group had some luck as well. They caught a 22 inch walleye, 24 inch walleye, 17 in walleye and a couple others as well. We have had a couple rainy days this week. But, it didn’t stop them from going out. We always say, “You can’t control the weather.” This is your vacation time and you need to have a good time, no matter what the weather does. It hasn’t been thundering. So thunder won’t be impacting the fishing. This next week is supposed to have some warmer days. It makes the time spent on and by the lake a little easier to enjoy.

As I am looking outside I see some of the people packing up that are going home tomorrow. Then I Nature at Cedar Point Resortalso see this family of ducks. Although I am not sure where they were coming from, they were definitely heading to the lake. They waddled in front of the lodge and the Aspen cabin towards the lake. It was fun to watch. This was the first set of ducklings that I have seen this year so far. It is always exciting to watch nature, especially the babies!