I guess with spring comes power equipment. This is our 15th season at Cedar Point Resort. We are always excited for spring. But, with spring comes lots of work. It seems like we use lots  of power equipment.Trencher time With our new well, Tim rented a trencher to bury a couple new water lines. The pressure is awesome and even better than before. The new well is working great!

The spring-like weather came early this year. So, we had the opportunity to take down some trees that were either dead or at the end of their lives. Taking the trees down will give the younger and healthier trees the opportunity to get more light and water. I do like to keep some dead trees up. I like to watch the woodpeckers peck at them and watch the birds make nests in the hollows of the trees. We do like nature. But, with the trees that were cut down, Tim rented a stump grinder. Tim did the grinding and with a little help we go the old wood “shoveled out” and the new black dirt “shoveled in.” Thanks Kendra and Megan! With the grass seed that Tim planted, it was be natural lawn in no time.

Getting the boats out of storageAlthough there is plenty of hard work to do in the spring, it is rewarding too! Boats and pontoon get taken out of garages and storage sheds, docks get put in the lake. The boats get cleaned up. Life is good.


We are ready for guests! Oh, one more thing…… The kitchen is stocked. The pizza crusts are ready for your order and we have all the fixin’s for the Colossal Cedar Point A Palooza!