Why is a healthy lakeshore so important on a Minnesota lake? Wildlife, lake water quality and clarity, and fishing lists just a few. What is so special about North Star Lake? Much of our 15+ miles of lakeshore is undisturbed, undeveloped or part of a national forest. In addition to wildlife, water and fishing, serenity and quietness is an added bonus.


With so much of North Star Lake being undeveloped, it is a large benefit for wildlife. Unfortunately, Tim and I do not get out on the lake as much as we would like to in the summer because we are busy at the resort. But, we certainly hear lots of stories from our guests. They have told us that they see deer drinking water along the lakeshore or swimming (this is more rare, but they have seen it!!!), cranes fishing in the shallows and various types of water fowl. There is a nesting pair of eagles along the shores of North Star Lake (and another pair closer to Little North Star) that we see often. We have seen them swooping down as they are fishing. We never get sick of seeing that! Tim’s brother did see a moose once swimming in North Star Lake. I sure wish that I could have seen that.  Also, in the winter, we do see wolves crossing the lake on the ice.

At Cedar Point Resort we hear and see loons (around 12 nesting pair). We are often told that loons are a sign of a healthy lake. North Star Lake must be REALLY healthy! We called one of our cabins Loon’s Nest because it is closest to the point and every year there is a pair of loons nesting in the shallows. One year my daughter Holly made me go through the weeds in a canoe with her. We unknowingly came close to the loon’s nest. We quickly backed away because we did not want to bother the loon parents or babies! A healthy lakeshore is important for nesting loons.


You won’t see cabin after cabin on North Star Lake. Much of the shoreline part of the Chippewa National Forest and therefore much is undeveloped and never will be. At Cedar Point Resort you won’t have noisy neighbors. Why? Because we don’t have any neighbors! Without the pressure of dense population on a lake, it is so much quieter than more populated areas. North Star Lake has over 15 miles of shoreline with many bays. There may be times that you will be on a part of the lake all by yourself. On either end of Cedar Point Resort you will find national forest and undeveloped land. We do love that. But what is noisy? I guess it would be the loons, frogs and other animals that live with us in the area. I think we can handle that!

Lake water quality and clarity:

Without going into all the technical, scientific reason (mainly because I am not a scientist and wouldn’t sound very knowledgeable), I do know that the more pristine the lakeshore, the cleaner the water. There are many reasons that a lake may not be clear, but one is because of the land usage around the lake. The “shore impact zone” is the area around the lake that works like a filter for the rain water entering the lake. Most of our cabins are within 20 feet of the shore and within the shore impact zone. They were built prior to current zoning standards. So, we do enjoy the view and benefit of having cabins so close to the lake. But, we own about 2,800 feet of lakeshore and make up for the closeness of our cabins by keeping the vast majority of the remaining lakeshore undeveloped and natural.


A clean lakeshore and having structure in a lake increases the overall quality of fishing. Having so much of North Star Lake undeveloped, the fish that spawn in the shallows and along the lakeshore have more options and space to spawn which is vital for the fish population . In the spring when most of the lake vegetation hasn’t yet fully grown, take a stand-up paddleboard or kayak and paddle in the shallows. It is a pleasant surprise to see the fish spawning.

Also, as you look around the lake you don’t see docks every 50 feet. Having heavy boat traffic along the lakeshore, by docks for example, may impact natural weed growth. We are fortunate to not have excessive boat traffic so it doesn’t negatively impact fish habitat or the shoreline.

So, again, lakeshore quality is important for the health of a Minnesota lake.


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Karen Senger
Cedar Point Resort
Marcell, Minnesota