I guess winter had to arrive sometime The first snow of the season turned out to be the first blizzard too. Yikes. It started last night. By this morning there was some snow. But, then it started coming down the wind started up and it hasn’t stopped yet. It is now getting dark outside, although because of  the snow it never really got super bright out.

Thankfully we are prepared. Tim and I did our Thanksgiving grocery shopping yesterday. So, we are ready for weeks if need be. But, I hardly think it will take that long. We typically don’t get snowed in for very long. We may be in “the sticks” (which we like), but the plowing services are usually pretty good up here. They don’t come out until it’s done snowing. So, we will see how log we are in the house. It may be a little longer than normal.

We do have a couple deer hunters in a cabin. They went out to see how the roads were. With the snow drifts they weren’t able to turn around without getting stuck. They called and Tim went out to get them and bring them back to Red Pine Lodge. I think they are going to hunker down and play cards or watch TV until tomorrow.

Being in the beautiful north woods is a treat. We take the good (which is most of it) along with the bad (can’t think of much). The fire is going in the fire place and we will relax….. not for a long winter’s nap, but for a bit. Actually, days like this make it easier to get caught up on inside chores and paperwork. Not fun… but must be done as well.