As I look outside, I see how awesome winter is in northern Minnesota. It is a wonderful place to play (and live!). People are coming “up north” to ice fish, snowmobile, cross country ski or just relax. It makes me think of summer and why people come “up north” in the summer. The reasons are basically the same: Nature, togetherness, relaxation, to get away.

Tim and I love winter time. Cedar Point Resort is closed in the winter time and people ask us, why don’t you go somewhere south and warm for the winter? Perhaps one year we will. But, I can’t see it in the near future.

We love staying north for many of the reasons that our guests come here in the summer. It is beautiful here, it is quite and relaxing here, the view is spectacular, to enjoy the great outdoors on the snowmobile trails. The list is endless.

Tim does some ice fishing. He enjoys going by himself and with friends. There is nothing like fresh fish, whether that be bass, crappies, sunfish or walleye. Since he doesn’t get out fishing much in the summer, he does try to get out in the winter. Catching fish is just a bonus to actually just getting outside.

So, you want to get “up north?” We understand. We love it here too!