Let’s Make You Stay Unforgettable

Our wish is for your time at the resort to be relaxing, so you can refresh your mind and body and be worry free of everyday life. Enjoy the beauty of the lake to relax, whether it’s fishing, swimming, hiking, or fall colors. It is important to the Boldt family to express that they want you to have a memorable experience with an opportunity to share with families and watch those families grow over the next several years. We are looking forward to hearing about all the stories and memories our guests experience at North Star Lake, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

If Cedar Point Resort is unavailable, check out Chapel Hill Resort on beautiful, 4,000-acre Sand Lake. Chapel is great for larger families to unplug and make memories.


Mike and Tracy Boldt

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Cedar Point Wood Sign

Cedar Point History

Cedar Point Resort was born in the late 1930’s.

It was originally an American Plan fishing resort. During the early days all the food was made in the lodge, which is what we use as the kitchen now. All the rest has been added-on since then. The front part of the lodge, where the gift shop area is now, used to be the front porch. There weren’t any kitchens in the cabins. Heck, there weren’t any bathrooms or running water either!

One of the first residents in the area was Bill.” Bill moved into the area when, quote “there weren’t any trees higher than my waist.” Bill built a cabin on “Bills Pond” and for many decades didn’t have electricity. He helped Carl Bartick build the resort. One-armed Bartick, as he was affectionately called, (he lost an arm when he was a child), was the first proprietor of Cedar Point Resort. Carl could build better than most men with two arms. We have a picture of the first cabins.

Much of the building supplies for the resort came over the lake in the winter, as the first roads into Cedar Point were just trails (ruts). Alder Road was originally a logging trail that consisted of trees laid across as a corduroy. Throughout the years, more cabins were built mostly through the 1940’s. As the time went by, bathrooms, kitchens, and more bedrooms were added. To all our delight.

Today, Mike and Tracy Boldt get to call Cedar Point Resort home.

Where they continue to carry on a long tradition of caring and family fun. Spend some time at Cedar Point and add you your name to the long list of people that who have shared this little slice of heaven.

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