Minnesota lakeshore: Why is a healthy lakeshore important?

Why is a healthy lakeshore so important on a Minnesota lake? Wildlife, lake water quality and clarity, and fishing lists just a few. What is so special about North Star Lake? Much of our 15+ miles of lakeshore is undisturbed, undeveloped or part of a national forest. In addition to wildlife, water and fishing, serenity […]

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5 Reasons To Take A Family Vacation!

Lets look at 5 reasons to take a family vacation.

Vacations strengthen your relationship with your family.
Vacations make you a happier person.
Vacations are a stress reliever.
Vacations make you a better employee.
Vacations helps you stay healthy.

1. Vacations strengthen your relationship with your family.
Exercise gets easier with practice. So does communication with family. […]

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A Minnesota Resort after the season

Putting away a traditional seasonal Minnesota Resort is more work than most people think. This is a little of what it is like after the season is over. Every resort is different. But for those of us that close up in the fall the fall work begins once the last guest leaves.

For Tim and I […]

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Muskie fishing on North Star Lake

Some of our guests at Cedar Point Resort have had some luck muskie fishing. No, not all of our guests are “muskie hunters.” And not all of our guests go out fishing at all. This time of year is an awesome time to come up and look at the colors.

So, it has been a while […]

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Rainbow on North Star Lake

North Star Lake has been just so beautiful this year. This photo was taken by one of our guests. The rainbow both starts and ends on North Star Lake in such a way that it framed our beach area. Opportunities for photos like these are a truly unique experience that only Mother Nature can provide. […]

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It’s a beautiful day to go fishing on a Minnesota lake

What a beautiful day to go fishing. This past week has been awesome and we have had many guests enjoy the lake. The week before Memorial Day is usually not busy. But, then Memorial Day comes around and more people are able to come up north to a Minnesota Resort and enjoy themselves. For many, […]

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Walleye caught on North Star Lake

Nice one Cole! He caught this 25 inch walleye on North Star Lake this week. The first week of the 2017 Minnesota main fishing season is now over. The weather leading up to “opener” was unusually warm and consistent. I loved the nice weather! I think the nice weather got more people out-and-about this year. […]

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The docks are in at Cedar Point Resort

Getting ready for summer…. Actually we first have to get ready for spring. The docks are in at Cedar Point Resort!! This is always the first step. The ice has been off North Star Lake for a few weeks. And, now, the docks are in too. It seems like an immediate transformation from the docks […]

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Think spring at a Minnesota Resort

Happy Spring! There is still ice on the lake. But, with the warm sunny days, it starts turning dark and will start pulling away from the shore. This time of year Tim and I get excited about some of our spring projects…… there, as usual, are many. I will get to that shortly.

But, first…. summer […]

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Eagle grabs and eats a red squirrel

For many seeing eagles is one of the favorite things to see when coming up north. We live up north and never get sick of seeing eagles. Even though as have lived here 15 years, when we see one we still get up to look at it. In the winter Tim strings bird feeders up high from […]

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