What’s new at Cedar Point Resort

I think the question should be; What isn’t! Cedar Point Resort is 80 years old! Yes, it started around 1939. Through the last 80 years almost everything has changed.

Old times at Cedar Point Resort….. New times at Cedar Point Resort….. What is new at Cedar Point Resort?

When I hear that I think of how it relates to Cedar Point Resort through the last 80 years. Yes, Cedar Point is 80 years old. There have been so many changes during the last 80 years. AND there will be so many more changes in the years to follow. Change is a very good thing. BUT, we do keep the charm of Cedar Point Resort which makes guests want to come back year after year. Besides…. if no changes were ever made, then…. well Cedar Point Resort would no longer be here.

Old times at the lake…..

As stated above, Cedar Point Resort certainly has changed through the years. But, if it hadn’t changed, then Cedar Point Resort would no longer be around (that would make us sad!!). Why do I say that it wouldn’t be here? Well, for example, because the cabins wouldn’t have kitchens or bathrooms! Guests really do like kitchens and bathrooms. There would only be double beds (no queens or twins). We wouldn’t have a pool or deluxe fishing boats, or pontoons, or a boat launch, or a playground, or Stand-Up Paddleboards, or Colossal-Cedar-Point-A-Paloozas (our “signature” ice cream treat!). The list goes on.

Back in 1939 when Cedar Point Resort was first being built you didn’t have the luxury to going to an indoor bathroom inside your cabin… with running water and a flushing toilet. You wouldn’t have been able to take a quick shower after taking a dip in the lake or spending the day in the boat.

You also wouldn’t have the luxury to getting a “cold one” out of the refrigerator. Or, put a pizza in the oven. Or, heat up leftovers in the microwave. Or, make some scrambled eggs on a frypan that didn’t actually stick. Why? Because there weren’t kitchens in the cabins. It was American Plan (meals were included)

There were some other luxuries that you wouldn’t have been able to do. You wouldn’t have been able to turn on the TV to check the news or watch a movie. Or, turn on the AC if the temps got a little high or the humidity made things sticky.

But guests still loved their vacation at Cedar Point Resort. These things noted above weren’t expected or normally offered (or invented!) during that time.

They loved the time spent with family and/or friends.
They loved getting away from work and “head north.”
They loved enjoying the lake and catching some fish.
They loved the little white cabins with green trim (now red with white trim).
They loved making memories.

New times at the lake…..

Our guests vacation at Cedar Point Resort and still LOVE it. Times and expectations have changed and so has Cedar Point Resort. You will still find a friendly resort with lots of ways to connect with nature as well as family and friends. BUT, it will just be more comfortable and have more amenities.

That doesn’t mean you have to use all the amenities. That is your choice!

  • Some of our guests never turn on the AC. They prefer to have the quiet to listen to all the lake noises. But, some do.
  • Some Cedar Point Resort guests make it a technology free vacation. But, some don’t or just limit it. Some comment that they haven’t watched an entire movie uninterrupted all year, until now.
  • Some of our guests choose to use their extra free time to make all their food from scratch since they are on vacation. They really like to cook! But some choose the opposite and say this is a NO COOKING VACATION or MINIMUM COOKING VACATION. They choose to eat out at local restaurants, get pizzas in the Lodge or make more prepared foods.

Our guests enjoy our comfortable cabins and furnishing.
Our guests enjoy spending time with their family and/or friends.
Our guests enjoy coming back year after year to see “what’s new!”
Our first-time guests like to see all the Cedar Point has to offer.
Our guests like to make memories.
Our guests love coming back year after year… just because.

One thing that stays consistent through the years is that without our guests there wouldn’t be a Cedar Point Resort. We say a big Thank You to our guests.

Thank you for making Cedar Point Resort what it is today.

Again, to answer the question: What’s new at Cedar Point Resort? The answer is EVERYTHING!!

Mike and Tracy Boldt


Cedar Point is featured in the book, Resorts of Minnesota!