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5 (of the many) reasons to vacation in the fall!

1. Quieter
2. Lower Prices
3. Flexible Calendar
4. Mild Weather
5. Beautiful Scenery and Wildlife
(Not to mention the great fall fishing)

1. Quieter

The kids are back in school….. and you are not! Tim and I are always amazed at the difference in Cedar Point Resort from Memorial Day Weekend to the Tuesday after Memorial Day. It is fun to be busy and see all the activity. But, then….. the next day it is almost like we have a different resort. Even if every cabin is full, Cedar Point Resort is very quiet. Our guests are having a great time, but there isn’t the same kind of activity associated with it.

We cater not only to the family, but to the fishermen and fall vacationers too. Come and check out your traditional resort, Cedar Point Resort in the fall. You won’t be sorry.

2. Lower Prices

Because families with school aged kids are more restricted with their time, the demand at Cedar Point Resort goes down. Therefore, so do the rates. Most of our cabins are over 50% off the prime summer rate. Yes, half price! Can’t complain about that! Also, if you can’t come for a full week, partial weeks are fine. Additionally, for the resort cabins if you stay 4 nights, you only pay for 3. This 4th night free is also offered in our adjacent lake homes starting September 8th.

3. Flexible calendar

Generally in the summer our guests come for a full week and, depending on the cabin, the week starts on either Friday or Saturday (We can be more flexible with summer weeks for any openings that we still have available as of March 1st.). However, in the fall we can always be flexible. Perhaps you want to arrive on Friday and depart on Monday…..not a problem. perhaps you want to arrive on Monday and depart on Wednesday…..not a problem. Perhaps you want to arrive on Thursday and depart on the following Thursday…..not a problem. Well, I think you get what I am trying to say. In the summer we are firm on our check-in time of 4-9PM. In the fall we may be able to be more flexible. Let us know when you are thinking of arriving so we are ready for you.

In the fall you can come and go with whatever works in your schedule. Our resort cabins are open through October 1, 2017 this fall. Our 2 adjacent lake homes are open through November 16, 2017.

Come and experience the northwoods lake front fall vacation on your schedule.

4. Mild Weather

Personally, I LOVE fall weather. I so appreciate the warm days and the cool nights. Every years is different. However, traditionally we have mild weather in September and into October. Bring a jacket because it usually cools down at night. Some guests that go out on the lake take a warmer jacket because if there is a little breeze it makes the air feel cooler. Nothing feels better than sitting outside on a sunny September day watching the lake and listening to the loons!

5. Beautiful Scenery and Wildlife

There is something special about the fall views of North Star Lake. The trees aren’t quite as green. You start seeing more yellow in the trees which then turn into the beautiful fall colors. Wonderful! Watch out, it seems like if you blink, they are gone. Enjoy them while they last. I think our lake, North Star Lake, and our area, The Edge of the Wilderness, is especially beautiful. Many times I have taken the drive from Grand Rapids to Marcell to experience the beautiful colors. You will see many lakes along the way that you normally wouldn’t see because of the leaves on the trees. There are 100 lakes within 10 miles of Cedar Point Resort.

The loons start gathering together and will start to fly south. The loon calls are so wonderful in the summer. But, I the fall they are even more special because there is such a lack of other sounds because there are fewer people around. LOVE IT!

Our area organization, The Edge of the Wilderness, publishes a fall color tour map. It is a self-guided driving tour in our area. It makes for a wonderful drive. We have guests that take driving day trips to experience the north woods. You might want to as well! If you are here after some of the leaves have fallen our area looks even more different. As you boat around the lake or drive in the area, you will be able to see much more of the landscape because the leaves are thinning out.

Fall is a great time to take a hike as well. There are many hiking opportunities in our area. Check out the Soumi Hills, the Lost 40 or make your own trails. There is much to explore and experience in the fall.

Fall Fishing on North Star Lake

Do some fall fishing. Catch that trophy fish before the season ends. There is no shortage of beautiful in the fall by boat, foot or vehicle. Take a hike in Suomi Hills, the “Lost 40” or make your own trails. Drive the many back roads or take the boat to not only fish but to look at the scenery.

Girls Weekend, Romantic Get-away, Guys Fishing Trip

Grab a bunch of guys to come up north or perhaps make it a romantic fall getaway. The kids are all back in school, maybe make it a girl’s weekend. Whatever your reason for a fall vacation, join us at Cedar Point Resort.