A Minnesota Resort With Fantastic Fishing!

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Fish from our many docks or fish from a boat or pontoon. You will find many species of fish in North Star Lake: Northern, Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Pan Fish. The Minnesota DNR keeps a watchful eye on North Star Lake and have been stocking it with Walleye and Muskie for years. North Star Lake is a designated Muskie lake.

In North Star Lake, the fish get a chance to get large and we still have trophy fish!

For some, looking for the elusive Walleye is the ultimate experience — you will find them here! If Muskie or Northern Pike trip your trigger, you can land your trophy fish here. The DNR notes that North Star Lake grows them big! Our growth rate is larger than the state average.

See the report from the Minnesota DNR about North Star Lake.

Try out North Star Lake’s 15 miles of natural shoreline and weed beds. While there, you might want to sit quietly and try to Pan Fish. They’re out there but sometimes it’s fun to catch them right off the dock and we have many docks for you to use!

We hear that some people don’t like to eat northerns becuase of the “Y” bones. Well, we don’t like the bones either. Tim was trained years ago on how to get the Y bones out. If you want to learn, he will certainly show you. Otherwise, check out this video link. It will teach you how to filet a northern and make it boneless!  How to filet a northern and get the Y bones out.

For 2018-2019 fishing season the Minnesota DNR has changed the northern pike regulation. The state is divided into 3 regions. No worries, North Star Lake is one of the lakes with a special regulation, so North Star Lake northern pike regulations remains unchanged. All northerns 24-36 inches must be immediately released. Possession limit is three, with only one over 36 inches.

In August 2018, Katie,one of our guests, went fishing for the first time on North Star Lake and CAUGHT AND RELEASED this HUGE Small Mouth Bass. It measured 23 5/8 inches! They didn’t weigh it, but per our catch, measure and release information it could have been 8 pounds or OVER! The state record is just at 8 pounds. We were quite happy for Katie. We have seen some large fish come out of this lake, but this is, by far, the largest small mouth we have ever seen.

2020 Fishing Opener Dates:

Walleye: May 9  Bass: May 9  Muskie: June 6

2021 Fishing Opener Dates:

Walleye: May 15  Bass: May 15  Muskie: June 5