When is resort season?

As with many northern Minnesota resorts, Cedar Point Resort opens mid-May and closes October 1st. Our lake homes are open through mid-November.

Our traditional resort cabin:

  • When they open: Our resort cabins open mid-May, which is opening of the fishing season. Fishing opener is usually the same weekend as Mother’s Day.
  • When they close: We close our traditional resort cabins usually October 1st. Our adjacent lake homes are open through mid-November.

Our two adjacent lake homes:

  • When they open: The lake homes are available the entire month on May.
  • When they close: Because they are fully winterized, these two homes are available through mid-November.

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When are resorts cheapest?

The cheapest rates are when kids are in school or sports, the Off Season. The highest rates are during the Prime Season.

  • Cheapest, Fall Off Season: The cheapest rates are in May and September, when all kids are in school.
  • Reduced, Off Season: Many kids are in school the first 1-2 weeks of June. Most Minnesota schools start after Labor Day. However, fall sports usually starts 2 weeks prior to the start of school. Rates are less during those 2 early summer weeks and 2 late summer weeks.
  • Prime Season: For a Minnesota resort it is mid-June until mid-August when kids are out of school and families can vacation.

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Does Cedar Point Resort have a pool?

Many resorts have swimming beaches. We also offer an in-ground heated swimming pool. Our guests tend to like them equally.

  • Some of our guests prefer the lake, especially since the water on North Star Lake is so clean and clear. Having the lake toys and swim raft where you can enjoy the lake from the shore, in the lake and on the lake are a big draw.
  • Some of our guests prefer the heated pool. We see guests sunning themselves in on the lounge chairs or hammocks then jumping in the pool.
  • And, of course, some of our guests love them both. May times we see people running between the two. Having options is a plus!

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Minnesota resorts with boat rentals?

When planning a vacation at a northern Minnesota resort, at times, means that you also want to rent a boat and motor or pontoon. At Cedar Point Resort we have them all

  • Pontoons: Pontoons are getting more and more popular. They are easy to get in and out of, kids can run around and may keep their interest longer, they have ladders which makes it easy to get back on the pontoon after you jump in for a dip.
  • Deluxe fishing boats are available to rent to enjoy the lake. They have live-wells, swivel seats, flat floors and steering columns for easy navigation.
  • Lunds with 15HP motors are a great way to get around the lake. They are the most economical, yet easy to use. We have only 4-stroke motors (which means they are easier to start and are easier on gas). So, if you want to enjoy the lake, try a Lund!

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Are dogs allowed at Cedar Point Resort?

For some families traveling with a pet is a given. At Cedar Point Resort we do allow small dogs in the cabins. So, if having your pet with you on vacation is desired, feel free to bring them. Make sure to have your pet pre-approved (there is a pet fee) and we only have a couple rules to make sure that everyone enjoys their vacation (See our Cedar Point Resort Cabin Pet Policy).

We do allow all pets our small campground and there is no pet fee in the campground. We do ask that pets stay in the campground (see Cedar Point Resort Campground Pet Policy).

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How much is a cabin rental?

The cost of renting a cabin at Cedar Point varies based on the size of the cabin and the time of year. At have 2, 3, and 4-bedroom traditional lake front cabins. We also offer 2 adjacent lake homes. The “off” season (early and late summer and in the fall) and 2-bedroom cabins are the least. Decide what you want and see what we have available for you.

Almost everything is include with your cabin rental:

  • Use of all the lake toys: Stand Up Paddleboards, Hydro-bikes, kayaks, canoes, fun bugs.
  • Use of the pool
  • Any scheduled activities
  • Sights and sounds of nature
  • Relaxing environment
  • Dock space for your own boat
  • Shaded playground
  • The list goes on!!!

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Does Cedar Point accommodate cabin rental for big groups?

If you are the planner for a larger group, you have a big job. There is a lot to consider.

  • All stay under one roof. You like to spend much of their time together. We have cabins that sleep up to 18. If you have even more people, then vacation in one of the larger cabins and some smaller ones too.
  • Split up in separate cabins. You may like to spend time together. But also like to have some alone time as well. For those groups we recommend getting a number of smaller cabins. You can still spend time together, but when you want to spend some time with just your family or perhaps just yourself, you can retreat to your own space.

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Minnesota resort with cabins and camping?

Are you part of a group where some want to vacation in a cabin and others want to bring their camper? Then choose a resort that offers both. At Cedar Point we have a small campground. We only rent 5 sites.

  • Want to stay in a cabin? We have that!
  • Want to bring your camper? We have that!

In the campground we have only a 2-day minimum, so you have the flexibility to stay a shorter time… but also longer than a week too! You can vacation together with both cabin and camping guests at Cedar Point Resort.

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Are there restaurants in proximity to Cedar Point?

Perhaps you don’t have time during your “normal” life to cook and want to do all your own cooking. That is great. But, some want to take advantage of others doing the cooking. Choosing a resort that offers food is something to consider. We offer some great vacation food!

  • At Cedar Point Resort we offer some awesome made-to-order pizza. You can enjoy it in the lodge, on the lodge deck or bring it back to your cabin.
  • Ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream, yes we have lot of ice cream too.

Want more food options? There are a number of restaurants in the area that you can order whatever you want!

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When do campgrounds open in Minnesota?

Like many campgrounds in Minnesota, we open our campground mid-May (for opening of fishing). Because of the threat of freezing weather (therefore freezing water pipes!), we do not open prior to that. The ice is usually off the lake for a couple weeks before we open.

At the end of the camping season, after October 1st, cold weather is a possibility as well. So, we close our campground around October 1st which is when many other campgrounds also close.

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What is a private campground?

A private campground is one that is owned and operated by individuals. They are not run or subsidized by the county, state or federal government. Private campground operators do not get tax dollars to assist in their operation. We are on our own! Every campground is different and they certainly offer different amenities. So, decide what amenities are important to you and choose a campground based on that. At Cedar Point Resort, our campground guests have access to all the Cedar Point Resort amenities: pool, lodge, beach, lake toys, playground…… Enjoy your camping in a private campground!

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What is the best time to camp?

We are asked, when is it the best time to camp? The answer really depends on your situation. Many families can only go for a weekend or a long weekend because of work and family schedules. We have found guests that stay that extra day or two are much more relaxed. They may come in a day early and stay until Monday. This allows them to miss any traffic leaving or returning from the cities. But, if you are flexible with your time, you may want to consider camping mid-week. We usually are not full during the middle of the week. Making a reservation is usually a good idea. Since there are limited campsites, they do fill up.

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