What size Minnesota cabin should we choose?

One larger one or more smaller ones?


We, at Cedar Point Resort, know that vacations are important. Vacationing with a larger family, traveling with extended family, or travelling with multiple families can add a level of complexity. Choosing the right Minnesota lake front cabin is an important decision that needs to be made.

Vacationers ask themselves: Should we all be in one cabin? Do we want one larger cabin and then smaller cabins? Do we want the cabins right next to each other? Sometimes our guests know exactly what they want and know what works well for their situation. But sometimes they ask us our opinion on what would work for them at Cedar Point Resort. We put together some of our own thoughts for you and what has works for guests vacationing at Cedar Point Resort.

We thought the best way to answer these questions is to list the pros and cons of one larger cabin.

Pros of being in one larger lake front cabin:

Cedar Point Resort exterior deck of Red Pine Lodge

Everyone is together: For some families it is very easy to spend all their time together. It may be the only time that they can really spend quality and quantity time together. Spending it all under one roof gives them the best opportunity to do that.

Meals together: Since you are all together in one cabin, making the meals may be easier because all the food is in one place. There is no need to run from one cabin to the next to get the hot dogs, buns, condiments, beer, ice…… Additionally, if everyone is in one cabin, then you would have enough kitchenware to support the larger group. You won’t run out of forks, plates, cups etc.

Have more casual, alone time with family/friends. If you are all together in one cabin, then potentially you would have more opportunity to have some unplanned alone time with one or more of those family members that you normally wouldn’t. Those bonding moments and time alone are difficult to plan, so take advantage of those unexpected times. Create those memories.

Don’t have to “go home” in the evening: Because you are under one roof, when you are spending time together, you don’t have to go outside to go back to your own cabin. You are already “home” for the vacation.

Cons of being in one larger lake front cabin:

Varying sleep habits: Yes, it is true, not everyone has the same sleep habits. Some are early birds and want the quiet time in the morning for that cup of coffee and just watch the lake. Most of the cabins at Cedar Point Resort are right along the lake shore! Some guests want to take advantage of vacation by sleeping in and really strive to sleep until 10 (or 11?). These are personal preferences and having one larger cabin may make it a challenge (not impossible) to meet the needs of everyone.

Solution: Talk about it ahead of time, have specific quiet times, put the “early to bed” people in bedrooms further away from the living area rent more, smaller cabins.

Meal planning: Sooooo many times we hear, “we have so much food left over.” Yes, when travelling with a larger group it seems that everyone brings ketchup, marshmallows, burger patties, salt and pepper etc. There is simply too much food and you need to bring it back home, there just isn’t room for it all, or it goes to waste.

Solutions: Plan ahead and have just one person bring condiments assign meals ahead of time have just one person do the meal planning. Have a couple people go together and go shopping. Rent more, smaller cabins

Quiet time for naps: Along with the sleep habits, some people really look forward to taking naps during their Minnesota vacation. If you have babies or young children most people know that a well-rested child makes for a happier child and a happier child makes everyone happy. When sharing a larger cabin, vacationers just need to be aware that if they may need to schedule “quiet hours.” Not easy, but not impossible. Babies can’t use ear plugs, but adults can and that may be a solution!

Solution: As we stated, it may be as easy as ear plugs, talk about it ahead of time rent more, smaller cabins.

Less privacy: Yes, it is true, there potentially is less privacy when sharing a cabin with others. Some people want and really need some along quiet time. Sharing one larger cabin does make that a challenge.

Solution: Be aware of it and don’t let it bother you. Respect others’ time. If they look like they need to be along… leave them alone. There is plenty of time to interact with everyone. Talk about it ahead of time. Rent more, smaller cabins.

Stress of being together Family and friends are great and a really good thing. But, sometimes more of a good thing is NOT a good thing. Having family or friends that want to vacation together is great. But, sharing all your time under one roof can sometimes create challenges.

Solution: Talk about it ahead of time. If there is a particular person that sometimes rubs you the wrong way, make efforts to avoid alone time with that person. Take a “chill pill” and just remember it is only a week or a weekend (sometimes easier said than done!) Rent more, smaller cabins.

Keep your cabin clean: Everyone is different…. People have different levels of what they consider clean. When sharing one larger cabins, you need to just be aware of that.

Solution: Talk about it ahead of time, set up a cleaning schedule. Assign tasks in advance, have the one person that hates messy spaces be in charge of cleaning (doesn’t seem fair, but it is an option) If you are the clean freak perhaps just be aware that it may not be that way during that week. Rent more, smaller cabins.

Have to do everything together: For some, being in one cabin means that you have to do everything together. Well perhaps you don’t want that!

Solution: It is simple, don’t. Don’t plan or think that you have to do everything together. Talk about ahead of time so everyone is one the same page. Rent more, smaller cabins.

The most important part is that you are making memories with your family and friends.

Make it as stress free as possible. Did you notice that all the solutions included “Talk about it ahead of time?” After talking with so many vacationers, that was a solution to many situations or potential situations.

If you are finding that the solution that you are coming up with the most is “Rent more, smaller cabins,” then perhaps you have your answer. As we stated earlier, there is no one obvious answer. It is a totally personal preference and will vary by group.

The larger cabins at Cedar Point Resort:

  • Red Pine Lodge: Sleeps 18 (16 in beds)
  • The Log Cabin: Sleeps 13 (11 in beds)
  • Moose Lodge: Sleeps 12 (8 in beds)
  • Beaver Lodge: Sleeps 12 (8 in beds)
  • Eagle’s Nest: Sleeps 14 (11 in beds)

We also have two 3-bedroom cabins and six 2-bedroom cabins. So, we have what you need.


If you haven’t already, start planning your Cedar Point Resort vacation now!